Wolfgang Hank and Mark Fandrich, the two men behind the ELEDELO, at a trade fair in 2013



June 2015

Information to the visitors of our pages: ELEDELO is currently running though very quietly, but in the background continuously. Our parallel started project , the Delorean World Tour, has bound all the free workshop capacity in recent years and we decided to give the electrification of the DMC-12 a little more time to after completion of the Delorean World Tour in June 2016. Then we will use the latest technologies to go to the realization of the project. The base vehicle, or better three basic vehicles (...) are available and the detail ideas of the modifications are constantly being expanded and refined. We keep in touch...


june 2014

A new project in almost the same field for Mark and some developments regarding Wolfgang´s world tour, new ideas and possibilities become visible at the horizon. We will start this year with the transformation and hope to present a stunning showcar at several trade fairs in 2015 or 2016 the latest. There are steps in the right direction but we have to admit that these steps are rather incremental. One reason is that we want a solution that is technically mature. So if anyone is willing to help us with knowledge or finance we would really appreciate it! This will be a great one-of-a-kind example - basically exploring what is possible.


september 2013

2013 was a year full of work; with lots of new insights and experiences. But it is not over yet. This autumn there are a lot of trade fairs for specific topics essential for the development of our one-of-a-kind project. The kick-off event will take place in mid-2014. We will keep you updated.


september 2012

In the forefront we decided to use a full-electric drive but we keep connected with the idea to integrate a range extender fuelled by fossils or renewables. Project titel changed to: ELEDELO

As we want to have one of the most futuristic systems, we did some research and concluded to take a robust and efficient brushless system.


july 2012

Amongst our cars we found our perfect one for this project with the VIN 06293 covered with a lot of dust. The poor DMC12 was parked under the sun for several years and we pulled him out of a backyard since 6 years now.

The technology is totally down , the frame is rusty, and all the things which are out of metal are also rusted, except the rubber-parts – they are all brittle. The interior has had its times, but the exterior parts and the GFK chassis are in very good conditions. Delo-technicians dream of a car!


july 2012

Our project DELObitronik goes to the next level. At the 1. July Mark Fandrich an engineer with an BoE in infrastructure management and Wolfgang Hank met at the BOSCH testing center near Bad Mergentheim, after a preliminary talk near the edge of the "expo for sustainable mobility, the electric avenue" at Friedrichshafen, a following extensive E-Mail exchange, to overcome the last questions for bringing this project further together.


          Mark Fandrich                                             Wolfgang Hank


Mark Fandrich, born in May 1985, finished his studies at the "Hochschule für Technik" in Stuttgart successful as infrastructure manager and adopt the project management function from 1. July onwards for the DELObitronik.

"Electric mobility is a fascinating possibility to experience technology of tomorrow. Nowadays hybrid cars are a normal thing on our streets and more and more large OEMs' bringing electric cars on the road. However I am also interested in design and technology from ast times and in Wolfgang I found the right partner to electrify a Delorean. The idea behind, is showing that a converted car is able to awake emotions and inspire – the Delorean as a futuristic youngtimer therefore is the perfect vehicle. If we inspire people with this or get them to reflect things, we have reached our goal."


Wolfgang Hank, born in the January 1968 a public and sworn authorized expert for the industrial art of motor vehicles and as an self-employed master-car-technician head of one of the biggest and well-respected specialised work shop for all kind of works at and around Delorean cars worldwide. He wrote down and released the idea of the DELObitronik project first in 2009 and in 2010 he sent the first draft to a high number of big manufacturers in Germany but with almost no response. A special thanks to the company "PHILIPS Automotive Lighting, which signalised support in form of Lighting for our project. Now that the awareness of this topic is rising, we found it a perfect time to re-start this project.




Why did you choose a rare Delorean to convert it into electric? Isn't that a sacrilege to steal the combustion heart out of this wonderful youngtimer/vintage car?

Of 9000 manufactured cars in total, about 3000 still existing in Europe, Wolfgang has repaired and refurbished a lot of them. Without him, a lot of these exotic beauties would have landed on a wasteyard. Loving both - the old cars and new technology, leads to this special project with just one car.

What will you change from the original car?

Definitely a long list - we will keep you updated, when it is sure what have changed.

Why did you choose a pure electric drivetrain?

With the additional weight of an internal combustion engine for a hybrid version you can add the same weight of batteries to your system - having a pure electric drivetrain with less moving parts, more range and the best efficiency possible.

Why not building more than one?

As many cars from Wolfgang this will be a very special one. Of course there are arguments against that, like money and time but it is also one individual dream to come true - it should stay special.

Will this be just a car for the showroom?

Absolutely not - Wolfgang will use it as an everyday-commuter and of course for events and shows to promote his dedication.

Is there a big company behind that support us?

No - this is all private time and effort.