the last evening before the tour...

launched on the afternoon of september the 04th 2015 and thus directly at the day before we start to the Delorean Worl Tour. That was the last time in front of the 9-month-long Delorean World Tour with the families, friends, colleagues and supporters of our idea to come together and have a good time together with encounters and insights into the tour and the vehicles. Around 150 guests have found their way into the Kfz-Innung Schwaben, where we could use the whole house with restaurant, youth hostel and parts of the training center. 


The flags of the countries will lead by our Delorean World Tour graced the facade at the entrance area of the training center from the Kfz-Innung Schwaben.




"Coffee, Hugo, strawberry cake" was the motto of the afternoon.




Some of the guests have brought their wonderful exotics and in addition to a number of Delorean DMC12 were also Porsche 924, Fiat Spider,

a newly restored Lotus Esprit Turbo (James Bond's second movie Lotus) and a Trabant 601 in probably unique fascinating state of place.



Technical of yesterday, today and tomorrow was to be seen and heard.


Here you'll find something for your ears: the team deloman racing Delorean was to experience first hand on a ride on the dynamometer for all guests.



Musically a varied program was offered with "Boarischen Gschtanzln", choral singing and Easy Jazz.


It was a wonderful goodbye and the evening will probably be remembered to everybody for a long time.

Thanks to all who took the time for us to spend the evening with us!



Thank you says your Delorean World Tour Quartet: Andre, Wolfgang, Klaus and Sven.


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